Other Work

Angel Exit have been commissioned to create one off performances and interactive walkabout theatre at events including Einstein’s Garden at The Green Man Festival, The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, Live Art Speed Dating at The Arcola Theatre, London, weddings and fundraisers.

Kew Gardens 2015 Strictly Spice

Angel Exit collaborated with Einstein's Garden to create a commission for Kew Gardens' Full of Spice festival. Strictly Spice saw a group of traveling spice salespeople, the all singing, all dancing Ginger, Clove and Saffron, preparing their entry for the world spice dance championships.

Kew Gardens 2014 Plant Family Croquet

Angel Exit together with Einstein's Garden were commissioned to create an interactive croquet game experience performed throughout summer 2014 at the Plantasia Festival. Lily, Basil and Hyacinth Plant - the world championship croquet team invited audiences to join them in a game of croquet on the lawn whilst they explored the journey from plant to medicine.

Hormone Harmony

In 2013 Angel Exit were awarded a public engagement grant by the Physiological Society to create a new piece of interactive, walkabout theatre for Einstein's Garden at the Green Man Festival. Hormone Harmony was delivered by three performers playing ancient Greek heroes...

Team Einstein

For the second year Angel Exit were commissioned by Einstein's Garden at the Green Man Festival to create a promenade, interactive piece of work as part of the Science At Play project supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Battle for The Winds

As part of the Cultural Olympiad at the site of the Olympic sailing, Angel Exit took part in performances of Battle for the Winds in July 2012.


Tea lady Gwendolin and her cohort Humphrey visited a wedding up in Scotland, and caused much amusement by pouring champagne for the reception from their teapots, mingling with the guests, encouraging the guests to interact.

Roaming Scar Collectors

At the Green Man festival in 2011 we worked with scientists and PhD students to create a new collaborative piece of walkabout theatre on the theme of healing and injury; The Roaming Scar Collectors.

Live Art Speed Date

In February 2010 Lynne and Tamsin, co-artistic directors of the company, performed "The Interview" as part of Stoke Newington International Airport's sold out Live Art Speed Date event.