Hormone Harmony

In 2013 Angel Exit were awarded a public engagement grant by the Physiological Society to create a new piece of interactive, walkabout theatre for Einstein’s Garden at the Green Man Festival. Hormone Harmony was delivered by three performers playing ancient Greek heroes, characters who were striving for perfect physiological balance, or homeostasis while uncovering the myths and legends of the hormone world.

Audiences were invited to discover how hormones affect out feelings, behaviour and physiology in a roaming interactive performance by Angel Exit Theatre. The heroes were accompanied by their ‘oracles’ (two scientists).

Ways in which the public were engaged included: fun songs, audience participation in challenges or hero trials, “pin the hormone on the human”, consulting the “oracles” (scientists), physicalisation of glands and hormones, “chemical messenger” sticking spreading and a “hug me” flash mob. Hormones we explored included: testosterone, cortisol, glucagon, insulin and oxytocin.

Performed and devised by Lynne Forbes, Simon Carroll Jones and Lorna Rees. Scientists: Dr Suchita Nadkarni & Dr Katie Gaynor. Costumes designed and made by Curious Fair.