Book Club for Super-Spies

‘"Thank you so much for your fantastic show! So professional, funny, and ingenious. We thought your show was so wonderful. We all enjoyed it very much and I have never seen the children so involved and intrigued with a performance at Salisbury Library" ’

Angel Exit’s library show for 5 – 11 year olds and their families, is full of music, mystery, mindfulness and mayhem. Featuring puppetry and songs with clues to find and riddles to solve. Everyone is invited to take part in this adventure. Come as yourself or in disguise, but don’t tell anyone!

‘"I loved the show! It brought the library to life. It was wonderful to see the children getting excited about books, solving the clues and working together. This is a great way to encourage enthusiasm about a library and theatre" ’

Book Club for Super-Spies is set in a library and commences with a “book club” with branch leader of the super-spies Mirabel Merryweather in disguise as a librarian delivering a rhyme time session; this is a ruse for a meeting of the Super-Spy organisation where Mirabel will meet new recruits (the audience) and train another new spy, the rather hapless Claude Pringle.

The audience discover their mission is to solve “The Case of the Lost Happy Endings”. The show features two other characters, Sloane Malone, a rival spy, and Dawn Bell, a very angry person who could be the culprit. There are interjections from Granny, leader of the Super-Spies and a beautiful Robin puppet who is sent from Super-Spy HQ to help solve the mystery.

Book Club for Super-Spies is very interactive and audiences are invited to help solve each clue as they are revealed in the books, join in with the training, take the Super-Spy secret oath and sing the Super-Spies anthem.

Families are encouraged to sit together and adults and children work together to solve the mystery. The show is joyous and rambunctious with slapstick humour to entertain all the family.

Book Club for Super-Spies was originally commissioned by The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre and was funded by Arts Council England.

The show toured to libraries including Emsworth, Leigh Park, Waterlooville, Dorchester, Weymouth, Salisbury, Torquay and Poole.

Post pandemic we toured to Surrey Libraries and Buckinghamshire Libraries.

Download a tour pack for Book Club for Super-Spies here

Super-Spies in Lockdown

During the summer of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic we also created an online version of the show called Super-Spies in Lockdown. We have performed the show since in half term and the Easter holidays of 2021.

Marvellous leader Mirabel Merryweather, newly initiated Claude Pringle, and all the Super-Spies were under lockdown like everyone else. Unfortunately, they had worrying reports that agents from The Vortex – their rival spy gang – were active and had started luring new spies to the dark side in your area!

The Vortex are out to sabotage goodwill and positivity in the community, so Super-Spies need a team of young sleuths and their families to brush up on their espionage skills and help solve some vital clues in the fight to stamp out The Vortex.

For Super-Spies in Lockdown there were a series of fun, interactive challenges, and an optional clue trail around the town, but families could also participate from the safety and comfort of their own homes with other offline games and activities with a spy training theme.

We also created a series of Super-Spy training videos which can be found on a secret area of our website – get in touch if you’d like to find out the password to access them…

Super-Spies in Lockdown was funded by an Arts Council England Emergency Response COVID-19 grant.

This interactive Zoom adventure was initially performed to families in Havant, Poole and Torquay, and then to groups in Dorchester, Bridport and Sturminster Newton.

‘“We just wanted to thank you so much for a truly mood lifting spy adventure! The quality and content of your performance was so engaging and  professional and makes me wish that you were in charge of the whole countries lock down spy learning.” ’
‘“The children from my class who took part absolutely loved it and could not wait for the second session. Some of them sent me such lovely messages and photos. They really did enjoy it. It was a lovely activity for them to do. One child lives opposite where one of the clues was in Springwell and was absolutely delighted to see the children from her class looking for the clue!” ’

Currently touring Buckinghamshire and Surrey Libraries Summer 2022!

Buckingham Library Saturday 23rd July 11 am

Bourne End Library Tuesday 26th July 11 am

Burnham Library Wednesday 27th July 10.30 am

Beaconsfield Library Thursday 28th July 10.30 am

Amersham Library Friday 29th July 10.30 am

Godalming Library Monday 22nd August 10.30 am

Farnham Library Tuesday 23rd August 10.30am

Woking Library Wednesday 24th August 10.30 am and 2pm

Chertsey Library Thursday 25th August 10.30 am

Staines Library Friday 26th August 10.30 am

Frimley Green Library Saturday 10th September 2pm

After each show audiences (and those who haven’t seen the show!) will be able to take part in a real life clue solving mission around the town. Audiences in Buckinghamshire will also be able to stick around to take part in a Super Galaxy Jar making workshop post show.