Cyber Security 2eMpower Workshop

In December 2020, 2eMPower held an online Cybersecurity workshop for autistic pupils aged 14-17 and their parents.

The project was in collaboration with The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park and Angel Exit Theatre and was funded by an Ingenious award from the Royal Academy of Engineering. It was set in 1968 and was about a fictitious MI5 case. The workshop was adapted to an online format due to lockdown. Students received envelopes in the post containing ‘top security material’ that had been sent from Grace Granville and Shirley Johnson at MI5, plus a cypher wheel and working in small groups with a facilitator, took part in a series of interactive problem-solving activities.

Angel Exit were commissioned to make a series of videos filmed at The National Museum of Computing which gave the students the background to the case and guided them through the activities.

Creative and imaginative code solving activities were devised in collaboration with experts from the world of engineering and computer science and museum professionals at The National Museum of Computing. Co-artistic director Lynne also worked closely with Professor Sara Rankin at Imperial College to project manage the project.


‘"I really appreciated the opportunity for my son to take part in a workshop that was made accessible for autism but also provided activities that were actually challenging."’