Kew Gardens Strictly Spice

Angel Exit collaborated with Einstein’s Garden to create a commission for Kew Gardens’ Full of Spice festival. Strictly Spice saw a group of traveling spice salespeople, the all singing, all dancing Ginger, Clove and Saffron, preparing their entry for the world spice dance championships. Audiences were encouraged to learn spicy choreographies including the Black Pepper Bhangra, the Chilli Cha Cha, the Nutmeg, and the Star Anise Swing. Through interactive science experiments and playful activities audiences could also engage with scientists from Kew to find out more about the science and history behind spices.

Strictly Spice ran at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew from July – September 2015.

Directed by Lynne Forbes and choreographed by Tamsin Fessey. Performed by Lynne Forbes, Grethe Mangala Jensen and James Austin Harvey with design by Hattie and Flora and original songs by Tom Ball. Project management by Ellen Dowell.