Team Einstein

For the second year Angel Exit were commissioned by Einstein’s Garden at the Green Man Festival to create a promenade, interactive piece of work as part of the Science At Play project supported by the Wellcome Trust. Angel Exit collaborated with Dr Alexandra Milsom from the department of cardiology at Imperial College London to create a fun walkabout performance fusing together art and science.

Angel Exit were Team Einstein – an Olympic team made up of team coach Miss Whistleworth (Lynne Forbes), boxer Bobby Armstrong (Simon Carroll Jones), gymnast Betty Balance (Tamsin Fessey) and badminton pro Harry Swift (Max Mackintosh), as well as their team scientist Dr Alex Milsom. Team Einstein measured human performance of festival goers including measuring lung capacity, peak flow, reaction time and the effects of social facilitation.

Audiences participated in a range of activities measuring festival goers performance and the team extolled the virtues of hemoglobin through song and dance.

Costumes designed and made by Curious Fair.