SALT, a community play for Poole.

A landmark production created in collaboration with over 100 community members.

The Antelope Inn, Poole 1681, a group of fishermen prepare to leave on a treacherous journey for the hostile shores of Newfoundland to fish for cod, just as they do every year. But what if a group of brave women were to join the men this time? 

Summer 2023, exams are done and Fay and her mates are out for one last night in Poole before she gets the bus up to London to start a new life. But who is that stranger sitting on their bench? 

SALT shines a light on the fascinating historic relationship between Poole and Newfoundland explore what it means to belong and what it means to leave your homeland behind. 

This gutsy tale of fish, frolics and feisty women, will take over the Concert Hall at Lighthouse. Angel Exit Theatre directs 100 community members in an epic promenade production bursting with comedy, drama, live music, a choir and large-scale puppets. SALT has been written by Stephanie Dale in co-creation with Angel Exit and the Poole community. With design by Sophia Lovell Smith and musical direction by Tim Laycock. 

A play about Poole, written for Poole.

The play is now cast, but if you want to be involved you can still help backstage, make props or costumes, help with marketing and publicity, people who want to host a creative team member, people who like baking or fundraising. Whatever your interest, there is a way for you to get involved. To be added to the mailing list please email:

We can’t wait to meet you and start on this exciting voyage together!